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Get Better, Find Balance, Become a Boss

Ben Brittain
Personal Training

REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching & Performance
FdSc in Personal Training
Level 1 GB Olympic Lifting Coach
AFN Certified Nutrition Coach

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, working with a range of clients of all shape's and size's. My sole aim is to gift you knowledge, confidence and for you to achieve your goals. Whether it be weight loss, muscle building, improving health, achieving fitness goals I am here for you

I don't focus on transformations or 4 week challenges, I simply want to take you from A to B!

Destination A: The beginning of your fitness journey, you're a novice & a student of health & fitness.

                 Destination B: You're now an individual who is equipped with the necessary tools on how to live a balanced, fulfilling, fit & healthy lifestyle. 

I apply a 3 'B' pillar system with all of my clients;


Priority number one is to help you move Better, look Better & most importantly feel Better!

Of course it's important to get the miles in, burn the calories & work hard. But it's just as - if not more important to find the right Balance of all factors such as Rest, Good Food & Enjoying Life!


Last but not least, during your training with me I will equip you with the skills, knowledge and the confidence to eventually hand you the reigns & give you the ability to be the Boss of your own health & fitness for life! 


Ben helped me to gain 10 kg of muscles within a year. The workouts under his guidance pushed me beyond my limits, doing the extra lift even when I thought there is no juice left in my muscles. Especially teaching me how to breath during lifting weights had a huge impact on my capabilities to lift more weight. I learnt a variety of stretching exercises, so not only my new muscles grew smoothly but my posture got more upright. Overall, I am grateful for the great support and workout plans of Ben to reach my goals and I am very happy with the transformative results from a rather skinny guy to a muscular man. 

"Ben has been great to work with. He has set me up with fun and progressive workouts to jump start my fitness journey. Our sessions have been really enjoyable and have not only gotten me in better shape, but have set me up to look forward to going to the gym. I feel much more confident after being shown the correct ways to do exercises in order to really get the most out of my workouts."

Onyx Fitness Limited 
Unit 3, The Yard Archgate Business Centre

825 High Rd
N12 8UB

Ethos Sports Centre 
7 Princes Gardens,

London,SW7 1NA

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